Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Best Is Yet to Come PTU Tut

Supplies Needed:
PSP: I used PSP9, but any version should do.
 Kit of Choice: I used  The Best is Yet to Come by Mersija's Majestic Design. You can find where to buy it here.She also has a mini kit by the same name.
 Tube of Choice: I used an exclusive tube from Pics for Design. You can  find it here. Please do not use without the proper license!
Mask of Choice: I used BD Mask Set 6-44 here.
 Font of Choice: I used I used A Gentle Touch. You can find it here.
Plugins: DSB Flux Bright Noise
Animation Shop
Let's get started!
New canvas 600X600
C/P MMD_TBIYTC_ScallopedFrame
Resize 35%
Select inside frame with magic wand
Expand by 5
C/P paper of choice under frame
(I used LMMD_TBIYTC_paper stars resized 17%)
Invert selection & delete
C/P tube
Resize if needed

Add elements of choice
I used the following:
LMMD_TBIYTC_branch teal- resize 15%; duplicate & mirror
LMMD_TBIYTC_branch gold 2- resize 20%; duplicate & mirror
MMD_TBIYTC_NewYearsBox- resize 7%; duplicate & mirror
LMMD_TBIYTC_ flower rose gold- resize 10%
LMMD_TBIYTC_ flower teal- resize 20%; duplicate & mirror
LMMD_TBIYTC_ leaf silver- resize 10% & mirror; duplicate & flip; merge down;

duplicate & mirror

Add DS
Erase any part of tube that shows below elements

Add a new layer above the background layer
Select all
C/P paper of choice into selection
(I used LMMD_TBIYTC_paper)
Apply mask & merge group
Resize 90%

Crop & resize
Add copyright & name

To Animate:
1. Select your frame background (Mine is the blue circle)
2. Apply DSB Flux Bright Noise 36 Mix
    Optional: apply to the name also
3. Copy merged & paste into Animation Shop (AS)
4. Back in PSP undo DSB Flux Bright Noise
5. On frame background (& name) apply DSB Flux Bright Noise with the same setting, but click mix once before applying
6. Copy merged & paste after selected frame in AS
7. Repeat steps 4-6
8. View animation & adjust frame properties if needed
    Once you are happy with your animation save

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