Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superstar PTU Tut

Supplies Needed:
PSP: I used PSP9, but any version should do.
 Kit of Choice: I used We're All Superstars by Creative Intentionz. You can buy it here.
 Tube of Choice: I used the girl that comes with the kit. She is so cute!
Mask of Choice: I used Vix_Halloween2010No7 here.
 Font of Choice: I used A Gentle Touch. You can find it here.
Rug I made (Just click to make it full size then right click & save.)
Let's get started!
 New canvas 600X600
C/P ciz_superstars_frame4.png
Resize 45%. Free rotate right 90.
Select inside frame with magic wand. Expand by 5.
C/P paper of choice (I used ciz_superstars_paper8.jpg)
Invert selection & delete.
Deselect. Move paper below frame layer.
C/P rug. Move to bottom of frame. Move below paper layer.

Add elements of choice
I used the following:
ciz_superstars_bow3.png- Resize 25% Free Rotate Right 15
ciz_superstars_girl.png- Resize 65%
ciz_superstars_bear.png- Resize 45%
ciz_superstars_table.png- Resize 45%
ciz_superstars_phone.png- Resize 45%
ciz_superstars_sneakers.png- Resize 45%
ciz_superstars_scatters2.png- Resize 45% Move to left. Duplicate, Mirror & Merge Down. Duplicate, Flip, Arrange & Move Down.

Add new layer & move right above background layer.
Floodfill with color of choice (I used #f6c046.)
Apply mask & merge group.
Resize 95%
Add Noise Gaussian 50% Monochrome checked

Crop & resize now

Add name & copyright
Save as a .png & you're done!
I would love to see your results! If you would like to share just send them to me:  

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