Friday, January 10, 2014

Boho Chick No Scrap Tut

Supplies Needed:
PSP: I used PSP9, but any version should do.
 Tube of Choice: I used a tube by Cute-Loot. You can  find it here. Please do not use without the proper license!
 Font of Choice: I used Satisfaction. You can find it here.
Animation Shop
MuRa's Meister Copies: Just Google it. It's out there somewhere :)
Xero: Fritillary here

Let's get started!

New canvas 600X273
C/P tube
MuRa's Meister Copies Wallpaper (rotate)
Default settings
Adjust-Blur-Radial Blur
Zoom, Strength:50; Elliptical checked; Horizontal, Vertical & Protect center 0
Duplicate layer & flip
Rectangle Tool Foreground Null, Background any color
Draw out a thin vertical rectangle
Align in center & convert to raster
MuRa's Meister copies Line
Default Settings except change Number to 17
With Selection tool select 7 rectangles on left
Delete & Deselect
Crop merged opaque
Select All-Float Defloat
On top background layer Delete
Add New Layer
Select Selection Borders Both Sides; Anti Alias checked; Border width 3
Floodfill with color of choice
Add Noise- Gaussian; Monochrome checked; 35
Deselect & delete rectangles layer
C/P tube between background layers
Adjust blend mode/opacity (I changed mine to Soft Light)
C/P tube Resize if needed
Mirror & place to left
New layer
Floodfill with same color as before
Select All & contract by 3
Delete & Deselect
Add Noise with same settings as before

Add DS

Add name & copyright

To Animate:
Duplicate bottom background layer twice so you have a total of 3
On top duplicate layer Xero: Fritillary
Granularity-5 Aggression-30 Tesselation-100 Variation-100
On next layer change Variation to 105
On bottom layer change Variation to 110
Copy merged & paste in Animation Shop (AS)
Back in PSP, hide top background layer
Copy merged & paste after current selection in AS
Back in PSP, hide middle background layer
Copy merged & paste after current selection in AS
Select all & adjust frame properties until you're happy with them
View animation & save
I would love to see your results! If you would like to share just send them to me: 

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