Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Lil Romance PTU Tut

Supplies Needed:
PSP: I used PSP9, but any version should do.
 Kit of Choice: I used A Lil Romance by QueenBrat Designs. You can find it here.
 Tube of Choice: I used a tube by Ismael Rac. You can  find it here. Please do not use without the proper license!
Mask of Choice: I used SST- Mask13 here.
 Font of Choice: I used I used Xiomara. You can find it here.
Animation Shop
Heart Animation here
Let's get started!
  New canvas 600X600
Select the rectangle tool with theses settings:
Mode: Draw Square
Show Nodes & Create on Vector checked
Horizontal & Vertical Radius: 0
Line Style: +Solid
Width: 15
Anti-Alias checked
Set foreground to color from kit & background null
Center & convert to raster
Add Inner Bevel
Select inside with magic wand
Expand by 5
C/P paper of choice (I used QBD_ALilRomance_paper18)
Invert selection & delete
C/P closeup
Delete & deselect
Adjust blend mode & opacity of tube
C/P tube Resize if needed
Mirror & move to right of frame
I erased the bottom of my tube so she appears to be coming out of the frame

C/P elements of choice
I used the following:
QBD_ALilRomance_frame07- resize 40%
QBD_ALilRomance_pillow01- resize 35%
QBD_ALilRomance_butterfly04- resize 25%
QBD_ALilRomance_flower04- resize 20%
QBD_ALilRomance_flower05- resize 20%
QBD_ALilRomance_flower06- resize 20%
QBD_ALilRomance_flower07- resize 20% & duplicate
QBD_ALilRomance_bow09- resize 35% & free rotate left 20
QBD_ALilRomance_flowerspray02- resize 35%

DS elements & tubes

C/P paper of choice (I used QBD_ALilRomance_paper08)
Apply mask & merge group
Resize 95%

Crop & resize
Add name & copyright
 To animate:
Hide everything but mask, frames, paper, closeup & bow
Copy merged & paste as new animation in Animation Shop
Open your animation in AS to see how many frames you need
Mine has 16 frames
On your new animation C/P until you have the same number frames as your animation
Select all
On the animation you are using select all & copy
Back on your animation paste into selection
Back in PSP, hide current layers & unhide everything else
Copy merged & paste in AS as new animation
C/P until you have the same number of frames
Select all & copy
Paste into selection on first animation
View animation & save
I would love to see your results! If you would like to share just send them to me: 

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