Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lil' Sweet Thing PTU Tut

Supplies Needed:
PSP: I used PSP9, but any version should do.
Kit of Choice: I used 80s Girl by Gimptastic Scraps. You can find it here.
Tube of Choice: I used Buttercup by Myka Jelina.You can find it here. Please do not use without the proper license!
Template of Choice: I used Temp143 by Leah at Amy & Leah's Gimptastic Tuts here.

Mask of Choice: I used a mask I made here.
Font of Choice: I used Saginaw here
Let's get started!
Open template
Delete credits, words 1, words 2 and words 2 back
Canvas size 600X600 centered
Replace each template layer with color, paper or element of choice
I used the following:
1- #d9114f add noise 45% gaussian monochrome checked
2- #d9114f add noise 45% gaussian monochrome checked
3- Paper5
4- #d9114f add noise 45% gaussian monochrome checked
5- Paper7
6- Paper5
7- #eac847 add noise 45% gaussian monochrome checked
8- Paper6
9- Paper10
10- Glitter1 & Glitter 2 both resized 70% and duplicated & mirrored
11- Paper8 mirrored
12- Paper1
13- Paper5
(optional)I added gradient glow to some layers to make a "border"
Drop shadow desired layers

Copy and paste tube as a new layer
Move down in your layer palette until it is below the "film strip"
Resize if needed
Drop shadow

Copy and paste tube again
Move around inside the first frame of the "film strip" until you get it whre you want it
Delete everything outside of frame
Repeat for other 2
Change blend mode on all tubes (inside film strip) to Luminence(Legacy) and lower opacity to 65%

Add any elements you want
I used the following:
Lollipop1- resize 50% free rotate left 15
Lollipop2- resize 50%
Lollipop3- resize 50% free rotate right 15
NailPolish- resize 50%
Lipstick- resize 50% free rotate right 60
Cupcake- resize 50%
Drop shadow all

Add paper or color of choice right above background layer(I used Paper4 flipped.)
Apply mask & merge group

Crop and resize now if you plan on it

Add any words or names you want
Add your copyright, save as a .png and you're done!
I would love to see your results! If you would like to share just send them to me:

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