Friday, June 15, 2012

Gnome Sweet Gnome PTU Tut

Supplies needed:
PSP (I use PSP9 but any version should do.)
Kit of Choice- I used Gnome Sweet Gnome by Gimptastic Scraps. You can purchase this kit here.
Tube of Choice- I used Floral by Anna Liwanag. I bought this tube at PSP Tubes Emporium, but they are now closed:( I will update this when she starts selling again. Please do not use without the proper license!
Mask of Choice- I used Mask 14 by Diana's Creations
Font of Choice- I used Great Vibes here
Animation of Choice- I used the butterflies from Peachie's Collection here
  Animation Shop (optional)
Let's get started!

new canvas 600X600
copy & paste frame1
resize 75% all layers unchecked
copy & paste paper of choice (I used paper6 and resized 75%.)
use magic wand to select inside frame
expand by 5
on paper invert delete
add closeup of tube under frame
resize if needed and erase the parts that show around frame
lower opacity to your liking (I lowered mine to 65.)
copy & paste tube above frame
position where you want
resize if needed
add any elements you want
i used the following:
birdhouse resized 75% and mirrored
bird resized 50%
flower2 resized 50%
flower resized 50%
i duplicated the flowers a few times to make a "chain"
gnome1 resized 75%
frog resized 75%

drop shadow all elements, tubes and frame

copy & paste paper of choice (I used paper5.)
apply mask and merge group
move to bottom right above background

if you're going to resize do so now

add name and copyright
if you don't want to animate save now as a .png and your done!

to animate:
copy merged and paste as new animation in animation shop(AS)
open butterflies in AS
i chose red and yellow
if you look at the butterflies you'll see there are 15 frames.
we need to make our project have 15 frames so click on your project, copy then paste after current selection(Crl+Shift+L). 
Continue doing that until you have 15 frames.
Select all(Ctrl+A)
Now click on your butterflies. Select all then copy.
back on your project paste into selection (Ctrl+E)
Continue doing that until you have butterflies everywhere you want them.
View animation and save

I would love to see your results! If you would like to share just send them to me:

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