Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Great Outdoors FTU Tut

Supplies needed:
PSP (I use PSP9 but any version should do.)
Kit of Choice- I used The Great Outdoors by Gimptastic Scraps. You can find it here.
Tube of Choice- I used a tube by PinUpToons. I purchased the tube from CILM. You can find them at Creative Design Outlet. Please do not use without the proper license!
Mask of Choice- I used AR315_mask_074 here.
Font of Choice- I used CAC Lasko Even Weight. It is a PTU font.
  Animation Shop (optional)
Let's get started!
 New Canvas 600X600
Copy & paste Frame4 as a new layer
Resize 65% all layers unchecked
Free rotate 15.00 left
Move below other frame
Drop shadow both frames
Add a new layer below the top frame
Select all and copy & paste paper of choice into selection (I

used Paper10.)
Select none
Select inside top frame with magic wand
Selections Modify Expand by 10
On paper layer, invert and delete
Select none

Add any elements you want
Don't forget to drop shadow!
I used the following:
Grass- resized 45% duplicated, mirrored
Tree 2- resized 50%
Lantern- resized 45%
Berries- resized 65%
Squirrel- resized 35%
Firefly- resized 25% I duplicated and mirrored a few times

Add tube and drop shadow

Copy & paste paper of choice right above the background

Apply mask & merge group

Crop & resize now if you want
Add name and copyright

If you do not plan on animating save now

To Animate:
Merge the fireflies together
Use the magic wand to select the yellow part on each firefly
Promote selection to layer
Select None
Adjust>Brightness and Contrast>Brightness/Contrast
I used these settings: Brightness:85 Contrast:0
Hide that layer for now
Copy merged into animation shop
Back in PSP unhide the promoted layer
Copy merged
In Animation Shop paste after current frame
Select frame 1
Change the Frame Properties to 50
Select frame 2
Change the Frame Properties to 25
View your animation and save

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