Friday, June 8, 2012

Crafty FTU Tut

PSP- I use PSP9 but any version will work.

Scrapkit: I am using She's Crafty by Gimptastic Scraps. You can find it here.
Tube of Choice: I am using Sally by Josh Howard. This is an FTU tube that was shared through a yahoo group.
Font of Choice: I am using Filature here

Mask of Choice: I am using WSL Mask81 here
Ok, let's get started!
New Canvas 600X600
copy & paste Frame4
resize 75% all layers unchecked
copy & paste paper of choice (I used Paper1.)
move below frame
with magic wand select inside frame
selections modify expand by 3
on paper layer invert delete

add elements of choice
i used the following:
SewingBox resized 75%
String1 resized 75% and mirrored
Needle resized 45%

copy & paste tube above frame and position
I made mine look like it's coming out of the frame.

copy & paste paper of choice (I used Paper4.)
apply mask
move to just above background layer
resize 85%

crop to merged opaque
resize now if you plan to

add your name & copyright
save as a .png

I would love to see your results! If you would like to share just send them to me:

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