Monday, May 21, 2012

FTU Tut- Glamorous #1

A few of my friends got together for a collab. The kits ROCK! So, I decided to use each part and create an FTU tut. First up is Amy's part. You can grab her part and find out where to get the rest at Amy & Leah's Gimptastic Tuts. This tut is very simple. 

Supplies needed:
PSP (I use PSP9 but any version should do.)
Kit of Choice- I used Amy's part of the Glamorous Collab here
Tube of Choice- I used Talia by Jamie Kidd. You can find her work Creative Design Outlet here. Please do not use her work without the proper license!
Mask of Choice- I used Vix Mask 171. You can find it here.
Font of Choice- I am using I'm fashionista! here

Let's get started!

Open new canvas size 600X600
Copy & paste frame 3 as a new layer
Resize 75% all layers unchecked
Copy & paste frame 2 as a new layer
On original layer resize 78% all layers unchecked
On duplicate layer resize 72% all layers unchecked 
Merge the two together and move below the black frame
Merge all frames together
Copy & paste paper 3 as a new layer
Select inside frame and expand by 5
On paper layer invert delete

Add any elements you want
I used the following:
bottle resize 80%
feather1 resize 45%
duplicate mirror move into position
cell resize 75% free rotate 25% left

Copy & paste paper 9 and move to bottom
Apply mask

Copy & paste closeup tube below frame
Erase all of the tube showing below the frame
Copy & paste tube above cell
Free rotate 25% left
Select screen of cell expand by 1
On tube layer invert delete
Change opacity to 45
Merge down

Add drop shadow to everything except the paper and mask
I used these settings:
V:1 H:2 Opacity:55 Blur:5 Black

Select tube layer
Select all
Use selection tool and click on tube
Select frame layer
Erase part of frame going across tube's head
Merge visible
Resize now if you want
Add name & copyright
Save as .png

I would love to see your results! If you would like to share just send them to me:

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